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How Do Emulators Work?

· Gaming

Emulators are basically hardware or software that enables one system called the host or in this case your device to behave like another system called the guest or the system you're trying to emulate.

Now the most popular forms of emulators are game emulators which you can download to your computer, phone, tablet, or something else. You'd be surprised at the strange devices that some people have managed to download.

There Are Two Types of Emulation:

  • Low-level emulation 
  • High-level emulation 

Low-level Emulation: replicate the behavior of the system you're trying to emulate basically by having the host which is your device create an environment for the application to run or will then be processed as close as possible to the original system.

High-level Emulation: There's also something called high-level emulators which replicate the functions instead of the behavior of the system you're trying to emulate. This is done by using hardware abstraction which basically means it provides a set of actions that a developer commonly uses and then does all the little details

So now that we know what emulators are and how they work what do we use them for so I did previously mention game emulators and that's pretty much the only thing we use them for today.

Game emulators emulate a specific system so you can play that systems game on your device this requires you to download a ROM though which is a game file that's originally copied from the game cart.

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